Email Marketing’s Not Dead

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Just as most people think email campaigns have died, email marketing is actually a successful strategy in the ecommerce world. It has helped small and big business to reach a wider audience and was also proven to successfully gain an incredible growth in income.

The beauty of it lies in the directness of communication. These institutions have built an affiliation with their prospected clients regardless of demographics and most importantly; without force.

As email marketing grew in favors, digital promotion became a dominating empire.

Looking at the bigger picture, companies really do save more with this strategy. In one click of a button, you could reach a million email users without the hustle of press printing, TV commercials, paid voice actors, billboards, etc.

Clickable postcards and e-news letters can get your website rev up to conversions and sales.

email marketing expanding not dying

email marketing expanding not dying

What makes a list effective?

The secret of email campaigns lies on the size of your list. The larger your email address list is, the more effective your ad will be.

Simple principle, actually. Obviously, email marketing involves sending informative / trivial messages to prospected clients and so it goes that having a larger email address list would be an advantage.

Most email list builders extract their list from the traffic their site gets. If you may have noticed, most sites offer subscriptions to their newsletters. It is afore mentioned that email campaigns make use of news letters. These usually includes informative articles about the product your selling but in an educational manner; not sales talk.

Here’s where the work really starts. You have to consistently feed your recipients juicy information about your industry or else they’ll turn inactive. Inactive subscribers are those who instantly sends your mail to trash without converting them. Conversion refers to added site traffic or purchasing. Remember you need conversions not free readers.

Email marketing is not just sending your subscribers raw updates about your products and services or your industry. It is enticing them to be informed and be involved. You have to make every piece unique and intriguing. Don’t need to clutter much texts in one email; you just need the juicy stuff in. Nothing’s more pricier than a reader glued to him mail.

These people are looking for great content and so you must provide them with that or else they’ll leave you empty handed.

While there are those who sells email lists, you are not guaranteed of conversion. What if these recipients are interested in football and not basketball? Who would visit your basketball-apparel-selling website? This goes the same with the email extractor software which gets random email addresses online. It is a risk to market in such an unverified domain.

At the end of the day, email marketing is applauded for its stability in spite of the economic meltdown. It has definitely surpassed  traditional media in convenience, swiftness and expanse. For those who said email campaign’s dead, you must have not studied it thoroughly that’s why you failed. 🙂

By: Maria Espie Vidal (SEO-SMO Director, LOZATECH ASIA)

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Online Marketing Rises as an Effective Business Strategy

September 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Whether it’s an email campaign, search engine optimization and marketing, social media and networking, and pay-per-clicks, online marketing is undeniably a growing empire in the commercial world. Some even dubs it as the only surviving business in this economic slump.

And it is but inevitably noticeable! Almost everybody turns to the internet today and we can see at least two ads in every homepage. Even the infamous social networks, Twitter, My Space and Facebook are bombarded with ads. Some blunt and most are not.

As they say, media and advertising has an unbreakable give and take relationship.

A change in business strategy

Recent studies confirmed that most companies are now investing on their online marketing team. This lineup consists of search engine optimizers, web content, bloggers and web development and design.

Internet marketing has become so big you could find thousands of tips on how to start your virtual campaign in one click of Google search. In fact, you may not even have a web site and still be able to commerce.

Having a website is really not the only key to success. It’s how you drive traffic and convert these “visitors”. You can create a free microsite at Multiply, Linked in or WordPress and still make millions.

Although the first quarter of 2009 revealed a static rating, companies are still investing on their cyber team. Actually, more businesses are venturing in this new platform. Big and small dealers are hooking themselves with an IT team.

What makes internet marketing so successful is how it costs lesser compared to conventional TV ad, convention events, and other field activity. With internet availability worldwide, it’s obvious how grand your audience would be.

It enables you to market globally unlike traditional media. TV and billboards can only get you to a city or a region. But with the net, you could reach unknown domains. And how inexpensive is it to deliver airmail if you have a fruity ROI?

Online marketing has changed the world of commerce. Let it change yours.

by: Maria Espie Vidal (Lozatech Asia SEO-SMO Director)

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Digital Marketing and Social Media: The Word of Mouth comes Online

Although the Philippines have been bombarded by criticism by its own league of techno experts on being slow paced with regards to technological advancements, e-commerce is slowly making some noise in the marketing industry.

Little did we know, the Pinoy e-commerce is lurking in guise of social media like Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, Blogger, Twitter and even in e-mails.

Pop up boxes, half page commercial images, flash animations, and other pay-per-click ads could be observed in each home page of these social networks. Actually, if you may notice, most sites have Google Ads or any ads in that matter located in the side bars or headers.

According to the Digital Filipino Research team, they have found that most Filipinos spend most of their time in social networking sites.  Friendster has released a record of 47 million Filipinos registered as an account holder; Multiply comes in with 3.5 million and Facebook currently running with about 1 million. With this at hand, who says the Pinoy’s aren’t hip?

One factor to consider is the availability of internet services in the telecommunication industry. Subsequently, the growth of broadband service providers come a long list of subscribers. Not to mention the race to low price packages of competing networks.

But what actually makes social networking sites an effective tool to marketing is its humanized approach to communication. Compared to paid advertisements who are bluntly saying “buy me”, the third person advertising brings more personal attachments to most audience/readers. It gives the appeal that brand X is being reviewed by an actual consumer.

This is also where forum sites like and Tipidpc/ takes place. Although both sites cannot commence sale like the powerful e-Bay, transactions happen in this petty marketplace almost everyday.

A significant number of companies are investing in bloggers, Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Marketing) experts, Social Media Optimization experts and of course, web developers. Even without the mainstream spotlight, e-commerce is actually moving forth the corporate ladder faster than expected.

Also, the proliferation of spam mails has signaled the invasion of commercial businesses.

Unlike what most people think, e-commerce has been around since President Estrada’s reign back in the 90s. The controversial president desired to make Philippines as the gateway to South East Asian markets. However, the clear disadvantage in devices and machines has drawn back its progress.

It has been found that this online industry has boost to 10-15% in annual income (Janette Toral, Digital Filipino Club). Whether or not it’s a mixture of paid SEO or organic, the fact remains that e-commerce is gradually blossoming into a giant. Well it’s not an option is it? The cyber space is already a dominium conquering the world, it’s impossible for our country to not enjoy its benefits. Only…time will tell.

by: Maria Espie Vidal (Lozatech Asia SEO-SMO Director)

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